About Dr. Kaushal Malhan

over 15 publications and dissertations
over 150 lectures
multiple guest lectures and surgical demonstrations
national and international faculty
Pioneered surgical procedures
Orthopaedic Teacher and guide for the national board

Specialty: Director orthopaedic surgery with special interest in Knee and Hip Surgery
Special Areas of Expertise: Tissue preserving total knee and hip replacement, Arthroscopic surgery
Affiliations: Fortis Hospital, Mulund, Mumbai
Medical Education: FRCS (trauma and orthopedics) UK, FRCS (gen. surgery) UK, MS(orthopedics) Mumbai, Diploma sports medicine – Great Britain and Ireland, Diploma Orthopaedics Mumbai, fellowships in knee and hip surgery, UK

Super Specialty Experience: A specialist in knee and hip replacement surgery, Dr Kaushal Malhan established the regional resurfacing and joint replacement center for western India. He is a surgeon of international repute and has gained worldwide recognition for his pioneering contributions to the field of tissue preserving joint replacement and resurfacing surgery. He has been in the forefront in the field of minimally invasive high bending tissue preserving knee replacement surgery.

He is a strong proponent of tissue sparing minimally invasive surgical techniques for knee and hip joint replacement. His TPTKR technique (tissue preserving total knee replacement) allows nearly three times faster recovery with minimal blood loss and pain as compared to conventional knee replacement surgery. Using this technique he set a record of sorts when his 91 yr old patient of TPTKR surgery walked  independently 4 hours after having both knees done in one sitting. This achievement has also made its way into the LIMCA BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS, 2011. His knee replacement patients were in the news recently after having won the game in a cricket match hosted by Fortis hospitals.
He popularized tissue preserving biologic exposures and techniques for hip reconstruction and played a major role in changing clinical practice as regards hip reconstructive surgery.
He has pioneered the direct anterior approach for hip replacements in India. This approach involves a very small incision and no muscle cutting with very fast recovery after operation.
He introduced new techniques for revision hip replacement including the use of trabecular metal to manage large bone defects and was selected from amongst India’s joint replacement and resurfacing surgeons to lecture on joint reconstructive surgery for an audience of North American doctors at a symposium organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry(CII).
In his push towards implants that remove less bone he did the first minimally invasive mobile bearing uni compartmental knee replacement in India. This operation corrects end stage arthritis without changing the whole knee in patients with isolated disease. This is a popular and successful operation today. He also performed the first computer assisted minimally invasive gender specific knee replacement for female patients in India.
He introduced shoulder resurfacing surgery in Mumbai with the first Copeland resurfacing in the city.
Computer assisted joint replacement surgery and customized knee replacements were popularized by him, not just to increase accuracy of alignment, but to make joint reconstruction less invasive as well.
His virtual knee customized knee replacement technique has made news all over India. This technique allows total virtual planning of surgery and correct spatial alignment of the implants with much lesser tissue dissection than a standard and computerized knee replacement.
He was the first surgeon in the country to use ceramic nonmodular acetabular cups in total hip replacement. This assembly gave the advantage of increased range of movement and stability in smaller sized hips as is common in Indian women.
He practices advanced arthroscopic ligament surgery and cartilage transplantation. He has received formal sports medicine training and managed problems of high level sportsmen and women in the centre for sports surgery, United Kingdom and was awarded the British Diploma in Sports Medicine.

International Education: Having completed his basic medical qualifications and orthopedic specialist training from the KEM hospital, Mumbai, Dr Malhan was appointed orthopedic lecturer in the same institute. He went on to become senior lecturer before going overseas for further training. He completed the British orthopaedic training programme and was awarded   the FRCS in orthopaedics by the Royal college. Dr Malhan received training in reputed orthopedic institutes including Robert Jones Orthopedic Hospital(UK), Stoke on Trent orthopedic unit, National Institute of sports surgery (RJOH), Center for spinal studies (Oswestry), Oswestry upper limb unit for shoulder and elbow surgery, upper limb and lower limb primary and revision arthroplasty at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt. He was awarded the knee fellowship for arthroplasty and arthroscopy at the Freeman hospital.
His special interest lies in the field of minimally invasive joint reconstructive surgery and has presented in over 150 meetings all over the world including his recent presentation at a tissue preserving surgery conference in Australia. He has authored over 12 publications in national and international journals (9 in international journals like The Knee, Spine, Arthroscopy). He is a regular faculty on a number of knee and hip replacement courses including the National arthroplasty course and Asia Pacific Arthroplasty Society among others. He is a post graduate teacher in orthopedics for the National Board and has been involved in the continued medical education programmes of orthopaedic surgeons from India and other counties like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. He has been invited to speak by various orthopaedic associations including the Indian arthroplasty association, Indian orthopaedic association, Bombay Orthopaedics, Wiroc, Chennai association courses, and Orthopedic associations for lectures in Andhra Pradesh, Jalandhar, Jalgaon, Kolhapur, Nasik, Solapur, Nagpur, Chandigarh, Kolkatta, Bangalore, Rajkot. Dr Malhan has been invited to demonstrate live surgeries in India and abroad. He has performed operations in front of thousands of doctors in India at multi-center workshops and was recently invited to Malaysia for surgical demonstrations at multiple venues. The convener of the first Wockhardt trauma course he runs regular Trauma life support courses and is on the National trauma course faculty.


15+ Publications

15+ Dissertations

150+ Guest lectures

15 International courses

Demonstrator on faculty in India and abroad

Total Hip Replacement Surgeon in Fortis, Mumbai, India

21 Presentations

Pioneered gender specific minimally invasive knee replacement for women.

600+ Surgeries
200+ Knee Surgeries
20+ Yrs experience
1000 Patients Treated