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Shoulder Replacement

The shoulder joint consists of a ball articulating with the very shallow socket. The stability of this joint is to a large extent maintained by the muscles and the ligaments around it. This joint provides high degree of motion at the cost of stability.

Pain stiffness or instability may result from conditions that damage this joint. It may be affected by arthritis — inflammatory or degenerative, injuries, rotator cuff tears, dislocations , fractures, tumors,infection, etc. We offer the whole gamut of surgeries to correct disorders in the shoulder joint this includes shoulder replacement, shoulder resurfacing, rotator cuff repairs surgeries for recurrent dislocation arthroscopic and open procedures for the shoulder.

Shoulder replacement involves putting an artificial joint in the shoulder when the joint is completely damaged. In case the rotator cuff muscles in the shoulder is non-functional or irreversibly damaged, then these cases will benefit from a reverse arthroplasty of the shoulder. Shoulder resurfacing is an excellent technique which conserves bone and resurfaces only the damaged area of the shoulder. It removes much less bone and provides much better function than a traditional shoulder replacement. Dr Malhan was the first surgeon in India to perform the copeland shoulder resurfacing.